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We offer an exclusive, innovative and advanced range of Lockout / Tagout Products designed as per the requirements of all the industries & conforming to Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards

Accidents never happen after informing. They can very well be prevented to some extent by using LOTO products - which help in preventing and disrupting your day to day business. We, at E-Square Alliance Pvt. Ltd., have introduced a complete technically advanced range of LOCKOUT / TAGOUT products.

Once installed, Lockout products prevent mishaps by keeping equipment and machines from being accidentally started or switched off.

Electrical Lockout are used for disconnecting circuit breaker, switches, pneumatic valves &  other energy isolation mechanisms and help the shop floor workers/ engineers by putting them in the safe condition.

Our PLSP Premier Lockout Safety Padlock are recommended for their usage on equipments / energy sources to prevent them from being energized wrongly. In a Tagout, the energy-isolating device is kept in safe position by attaching a written warning tag to it.

The Lockout / Tagout Products offer by us are developed in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards, Our wide range of products encompasses Cylinder lockout, Safety Lockout Hasp, Lockout Tags, Multipurpose Cable Lockout, Circuit Breaker Lockout, Lockout Kits, Lockout Stations, etc. These LOTO products supplied by us make production, maintenance, servicing, installation and disassembling of machined much safer. Our customer from different industrial sector can order these products at the most affordable prices internationally.  However, we are open to the ideas and suggestion of our customers that always help us to introduce innovative products in our range.

Product Portfolio

To perform service and maintenance work in industries, we offer a sophisticated line of products that are durable, easy to install and most effective. They are made as per the OSHA requirements. Below is the advance range of LOCKOUT / TAGOUT products offered by us:

  • Lockout Hasps -  more than 30 types
  • Multipurpose Cable Lockout - 10 types
  • Valve Lockouts - 15 types
  • Cylinder Lockouts - 6 types
  • Electrical Lockouts - 34 types
  • Circuit Breaker Lockouts - 12 types
  • Plug Lockouts - 6 types
  • Pneumatic Lockouts - 8 types
  • Lockout Padlocks - 20 types
  • Padlock Accessories - 28 types
  • Lockout Tags - various
  • Lockout Signs - various
  • Lockout Posters - various
  • Lockout Boxes & Key - various
  • Lockout Stations -  14 types
  • Lockout Kits - 28 types
  • Lockout Register - 2 types
  • Lockout Accessories - 7 types
  • Other Related Products - various
  • Published Information - various.

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